• ✅ 100% RECYCLABLE - Our dog bags are eco-friendly and are made from 100% environmentally friendly materials.
  • ✅ 100% DURABLE, LEAKPROOF & STRONG DOG POOP BAGS - Thick enough not to tear, split or leak. Leak-proof bags for safe and sanitary handling. No tears or holes.
  • ✅ 180 BAGS PER BOX, 12 ROLLS, 15 BAGS PER ROLL - Recyclable packaging in 12 individual rolls small enough to fit in your pocket, or most dispensers for easy carrying and to make them easy to use.
  • ✅ EXTRA LARGE - 22cm x 30cm, so neither you or your clothes ever make contact with the dog poo. Our dog bags are made big enough for even the largest of dog breed, and ar thick enough to ensure there are no messes.
  • ✅ 100% GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY - All doggie bags come with a 100% manufacturers guarantee provided the bags are purchased from authorized sellers. We guarantee that you have an easy and clean pick up with your dog poop whenever and wherever.
Dog Poo Bags - Degradable Eco Friendly Doggy Poop Bags - Designed By 2 Vets As working vets with over 30 years' experience we know a thing or two about dog waste and we have designed this range of high quality dog poo bag after listening to our customers feedback over the years. These dog bags are long enough so that your sleeves and hands don't make contact with the poop when picking up after your pet, and are large enough for big breeds. These poo bags for dogs are environmentally friendly, being manufactured using a resin based on discarded shellfish. This allows the minimal amount of plastic to be used. This means the bags are 100% recyclable in all modern systems and are actually better for the environment than most so-called fully biodegradable materials. Based on Carbon footprint and manufacturing processes. This exoplastic resinalso allows the plastic to degrade in the environment over time accelerated by light, moisture and heat. We are 100% committed to reducing the amount of plastic used in our environment. A point strongly made by our clients is that everyone should consider the environment when it comes to the use of any sort of plastic bags. On average a dog owner will use 4 to 6 poop bags per day which is up to 2190 plastic poop bags per year, per dog and with a population of 8.5 million dogs in the UK that is a LOT of poo bags!. Thus we try to encourage the use of eco-friendly poop bags only. Remember even though you are doing your bit for the environment using these bags, the quality is still excellent and they are fun to use yet still great value for money, with a 100% guarantee. Love Your Dog Love Your Planet, Use this Degradable Dog Poo Bags! Click 'Add To Basket' Above To Get Your Doggie Poop Bags Today!

Dog Poop Bags 180 x Eco Poo Sacks Leakproof and Recyclable Pet Waste Bag 12 Refill Rolls B00HF8VX7E

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Dog Poop Bags 180 x Eco Poo Sacks Leakproof and Recyclable Pet Waste Bag 12 Refill Rolls B00HF8VX7E

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